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By Gyatrul Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 1559390182

ISBN-13: 9781559390187

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2. New questions. 3. The inappropliateness or illegitimacy of old questions. With 1 we learn that the wrong answer has been given to an old question: we uncover an error of commission in our previous ques­ tion-answering endeavors. With 2 we discover that there are certain questions which have not heretofore been posed at all: we uncover an error of omission in our former question-asking endeavors. Finally, with 3 we find that one has asked the wrong question altogether: we uncover an error of commission in our former question-asking endeavors, which are now seen to rest on incorrect presuppositions (and are thus generally bound up with type 1 discoveries).

While ignorance is indeed here to stay, it will never block the path tO progress. And so, while our cognitive limitedness as finite beings is real enough, there nevertheless are no boundaries-no determinate lim­ its-tO the manifold of discoverable fact. And here Kant was right. For while the cognitive range of finite beings is indeed limited, it is also boundless because it is not limited in a way that blocks the pros­ pect of cognitive access tO ever new and ongoingly more informa­ tive facts that afford us an ever ampler and more adequate account of reality!

But are there such unanswerable questions? To begin with, there is the prospect of what might be called the weak limitation inherent in the circumstance that there are certain issues on its agenda that sci­ ence cannot resolve now. However, this condition of weak limitation is perfectly compatible with the circumstance that every question that can be raised at this stage will eventually be answered at a future junc­ ture. And so, a contrasting way in which the question-resolving ca­ pacity of our knowledge may be limited can envisage the more dras­ tic situation: strong-limitation (the existence of insolubilia).

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