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By Florian Cajori

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Initially released in 1904. This quantity from the Cornell college Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 layout by means of Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned hide to hide and pages may possibly comprise marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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12 15 Shifted complexes and shifted filtrations Let A be a vector space filtered with a (for example, decreasing) filtration F . For any integer r we define the shifted filtration (r) F on A by (r) F p A = F p+r A If the filtration F , together with its conjugate F¯ , induces on A a pure Hodge structure of weight N , the shifted filtrations (r) F and (r) F¯ induce a pure Hodge structure of weight N − 2r. Let L· , d· be a complex, r an integer. The r-shifted complex L· (r), d(r)· is given by L· (r)k = Lk+r and d(r)k = dk+r Let us suppose that L· , d is filtered with a (for example, decreasing) filtration F .

N where z k are the complex coordinates on Cn . 4 Line bundles and divisors (i) Let D be a complex irreducible hypersurface in a manifold M . Then one can cover M by a system of coordinates U = (Ua ) so that in each Ua , D is given by an equation sa = 0 where sa ∈ O (Ua ). Then in Ua ∩ Ub , one has sa = ϕab sb where ϕab is a holomorphic function which does not vanish. Obviously ϕab = ϕ−1 ab , ϕab ϕbc ϕca = Id so that the (ϕab ) define a system of transition functions for a line bundle L(D) → M and the collection (sa ) defines a global section s ∈ O (M, L (D)) whose zero set is D.

Then f is a morphism of filtered spaces for F¯ q , is a morphism of graded spaces and is strict. Proof. We already know that f is a morphism of filtered spaces for F¯ q . 3. 4. Let f : A → B be a morphism of pure Hodge structures of respective weights N and M . (i) If N = M , ker f , im f , Cokerf and Coimf carry pure Hodge structures of weight N = M . (ii) If N > M , f is zero. p,q Let us prove (ii). We have A = . 2 because p + q > M . 4. Let A be a complex vector space endowed with a conjugation a→a ¯.

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