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A home in this condition will be immediately rentable, will minimize additional near-term cash outlays for repairs, and will attract desirable tenants—those who are likely to be reliable, take good care of the property, and pay top rental rates. Relatively new roofs are important because they are a big expense. A house that is more than 25 years old is often a candidate for plumbing, wiring, or heating system repairs, all of which can be quite costly. Generally, the newer the home, the better. Although some older homes have exceptionally sturdy construction features, the risk of costly repairs is also greater.

Other special features, such as air-conditioning in warmer climates or basements in other parts of the country, may be important. The important principle is that special features important to specific communities or regions should be included if they are generally expected by either the prospective tenants or future buyers. Contract Terms. After locating a house that offers good profit potential and satisfies other selection criteria, an offer is made and the negotiation process begins. ) Assuming that basic agreement has been reached between the buyer and seller, a contract usually referred to as an earnest money receipt, deposit receipt, or real estate agreement is drawn up.

In addition, high leverage opportunities are appropriate since high and growing income levels provide the capability to carry loan payments. As noted in Figure 4-2, this profile is best accommodated by rental houses and land investments. Although apartments and rental houses are both appealing tax shelters, apartments usually produce a net positive income during the hold period, while rental houses often operate at a negative cash flow until sold. Rental houses are therefore oriented toward deferred gain, while apartments produce gain partially on a current basis (rental income) and partially on a deferred basis.

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