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By Benedikt Paul Gocke

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Although physicalism has been the dominant place in fresh paintings within the philosophy of brain, this dominance has now not avoided a small yet turning out to be variety of philosophers from arguing that physicalism is untenable for numerous purposes: either ontologically and epistemologically it can't lessen mentality to the world of the actual, and its makes an attempt to lessen subjectivity to objectivity have completely failed. The participants to After Physicalism supply strong choices to the physicalist account of the human brain from a dualistic standpoint and argue that the reductive and naturalistic paradigm in philosophy has misplaced its force.

The essays during this assortment all firmly have interaction in a priori metaphysics. these by means of Uwe Meixner, E. J. Lowe, John Foster, Alvin Plantinga, and Richard Swinburne are concerned about how one can determine the reality of dualism. Essays via William Hasker, A. D. Smith, and Howard Robinson take care of the relation among physicalism and dualism. Benedikt Paul Göcke argues that the “I” isn't a selected and Stephen Priest that “I need to comprehend myself no longer as a specific thing yet as no-thing-ness.” within the ultimate essay, Thomas Schärtl argues that there are limits to dualism as indicated through the idea that of resurrection. by way of together with classical essays through Plantinga and Swinburne, the amount very easily brings jointly the superior and the most recent considering in making the philosophical case for dualism.

"Seven of those essays are via eminent philosophers: Lowe, Foster, Plantinga, Swinburne, Hasker, Smith, and Robinson, every one recapitulating his famous place within the debate. To have those seven essayists jointly lower than one conceal constitutes a extraordinary e-book, that are used as a textbook in philosophy of brain in addition to in philosophy of faith classes, and which additionally opens up the controversy in an unique method between colleagues at a sophisticated level." —Fergus Kerr, college of Edinburgh

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2. See Berkeley 1965: §22–§24, §34. 3. See, for example, Husserl 1950: §47, §48, §135. 44 Uwe Meixner 4. See the first and second of Descartes’s Meditations. The in-principle possibility of the world of consciousness existing all by itself can be used as a premise for establishing substance dualism; see my neo-Cartesian argument in Meixner 2004. 5. The attempt to do so leads to absurdity, because it seeks to obtain a perspective for the acquisition of knowledge that is not a perspective for a conscious subject: the view from nowhere, as Thomas Nagel was to call this impossible perspective.

D. Heckmann, eds. 2003. Physicalism and Mental Causation: The Metaphysics of Mind and Action. Exeter: Imprint Academic. Wittgenstein, L. 2006. On Certainty. Oxford: Blackwell. 1 The Naturalness of Dualism Uwe Meixner In his famous biography of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell recounts the following anecdote (see, for example, Boswell 1986: 122): After we came out of the church, we stood talking for some time together of Bishop Berkeley’s ingenious sophistry to prove the nonexistence of matter, and that every thing in the universe is merely ideal.

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