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My very own test. OCRed utilizing ABBYY. a few matters with lightness on a few pages which most likely skewed the popularity, yet it's all rather readable. desire you enjoy!

This is an interesting and significant number of essays via Masao Abe at the works of the thirteenth century Zen grasp, Eihei Dogen, the founding father of Soto Zen in Japan.

Selected from over 20 years of analysis and scholarship, the editor, Steve Heine, has performed an excellent task in formatting and outlining the paintings of this crucial Dogen scholar.

Abe's paintings on Dogen (1200-1253) is moment simply to Hee-Jin Kim's crucial reviews. After Watsuji Tetsuro pried Dogen's paintings from sectarian concealment in 1926, the scholarly group, astounded via the intensity and vast nature with which this nice Zen grasp handled the philosophy, faith, and culture of Buddhism, were mining its treasures ever since.

These essay of Abe provide a few the main subtle gold, in addition to feedback for destiny research. renowned for his efforts in Christian/Buddhist and West/East dialogues, Abe bargains the conventional view of Dogen's works, in addition to suggesting attainable parallel principles within the West.

This ebook deals stories on quite a lot of Dogen's teachings, together with life/death, practice/enlightenment, the which means of Buddha Nature, and the character of Space/Time.

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The center of this dynamic whole is the intersection of the horizontal dimension and the vertical dimension. We are always living in, and living as, this intersection. Since the horizontal process of prac tice Is beginningless and endless, any point of the process of practice is equally a point of intersection with the vertical line of attainment, which is infinitely deep. This means that attainment, as the ground, supports and embraces the whole process of practice, and that any point of practice points directly to original attainment.

Right in the sutras he embodies in himself this truth is received and maintained. You should probe further: How could all sentient beings be Buddha-nature? How could they have a Buddha-nature? If a sentient being were to have a Buddha-nature, he would belong with the devil-heretics. It would be bringing in a devil, trying to set him on top of a sentient being. 20 This is a complete negation of the traditional doctrine that maintains that the Buddha-nature is possessed by sentient beings. If we penetrate Dogen's standpoint, however, these words not merely are surprising but have deep m e a n i n g .

It must have been this anxiety stemming from his feeling of separation from the fundamental Reality that motivated him to sail to China, even though this arduous journey was undertaken at the risk of his life. " 8 At this point Dogen attained an awakening that overcame all the previous idealization, conceptualization, and objectification of the Dharma-nature. There was not even an inch of separation between the Dharma-nature and Dogen's existence. Dogen's statement "The practice of Zen is the casting off of body-mind" 9 implies that all possible idealization, conceptualization, and objectification engaged in concerning awakening and discipline, attainment and practice, since his study on Mt.

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