A Spiritual Biography of Acariya Mun Bhūridatta Thera - download pdf or read online

By Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno

The EARLY YEARS, the center YEARS, A center published, 497 PAGES

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Your citta is so adventurous, tending always toward extremes. One moment it soars into the sky, only to plunge deep into the earth the next. Then, after diving to the ocean floor, it again soars up to walk meditation high in the sky. Who could possibly keep up with your citta long enough to find a solution? ” Ācariya Sao never gave him enough concrete advice to really help him, so Ācariya Mun was forced to solve his own problems. Sometimes, he nearly died before discovering a way past some of the more intractable problems he faced.

Deprived of peace for many days now, and having begun the intense training associated with body contemplation, his citta ‘converged’ rapidly into a calm state with unprecedented ease. He knew with certainty that he had the correct method: for, when his citta ‘converged’ this time, his body appeared to be separated from himself. It seemed to split into two at that moment. Mindfulness was in force during the entire time, right to the moment that the citta dropped into samādhi. It didn’t wander and waver about as it had previously.

He was greatly revered by monks and laity alike and, like Ācariya Mun, he had many devoted disciples. It was well known that these two Ācariyas shared immense love and respect for each other. In the early years, they enjoyed traveling in each other’s company. They spent most of the year living together, both during and after the annual rainy season retreat. In the middle years, they normally spent these retreats in separate locations but close enough to each other to make visiting easy. Very seldom, then, did they spend a retreat together, for each had an increasingly large following of disciples, making it difficult to find enough space to accommodate them all at one location.

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