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By Geoffrey N. Leech

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Seeks to illustrate that the examine of English poetry is enriched by way of the insights of recent linguistic research, and that linguistic and important disciplines aren't separate yet complementary. reading quite a lot of poetry, Professor Leech considers many features of poetic type, together with the language of earlier and current, artistic language, poetic licence, repetition, sound, metre, context and ambiguity.

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See R. WELlEK, 'The Main Trends ofTwcnticth Century Criticism', in Concepts of Criticism, cd. s. G. NICHOLS, New Haven, 1963. Also B. LEE, 'The New Criticism and the Language of Poetry', in FOWLER, op. , 29-3 0. W. Y. TINDALL, A Reader'sGuide to Dylan Thomas, London, 1962, II7· See G. N. 2 (1965), 66-75. Linguistic analysis and interpretation here correspond partially to what Richards calls the "technical part' and the' critical part' respectively of literary exegesis. Sec 1. A. RICHARDS, Principles oj Literary Criticism, London, 1925, 23-24.

Fa] [ustia: I cannot skill of these Thy ways; Lord, Thou didst make me, yet thou woundest me; Lord, Thou dost wound me, yet Thou dost relieve me; Lord, Thou relievesr, yet I die by Thee; Lord, Thou dost kill me, yet Thou dose reprieve me. But when I mark my life and praise, Thy justice me most fitly pays; For I do praise Thee, yet I praise Thee not; My prayers mean Thee, yet my prayers stray; I would do well, yet sin the hand hath got; My soul doth love Thee, yet it loves delay. I cannot skill of these my ways.

Purpose of r poet, dialectism may serve a numbe In The Shepheardes Calender, Spenser's use of homely provincial words like heydeguyes (a type of dance), rontes ('young bullocks'), weanell ('new~y weaned kid or lamb '), and wimhle (' nimble ') 12 evokes a flavour of rusnc naivety in keeping with the sentiments of pastoral. In Kipling's army ballads and Hardy' s Wessex ballads, dialectism is almost inseparable from the writer's plan of depicting life as seen through the experience and ethos of one particular section of English-speaking society.

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