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By William Arkle

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Sound waves are channelled through the trumpet of the outer ear to the ear drum. 2. The ear drum vibrates against a structure of three very small bones in the middle ear composed of what are called the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup. 3. The stirrup, which rests against the inner ear, transmits the vibration to the liquid which fills the shell-shaped inner ear. 4. The liquid transmits the vibration throughout the inner ear to the nerve ends of the auditory nerve. 5. The auditory nerve ends translate the vibrations into electro-magnetic signals.

Since it is realised now that the unconscious and deeper consciousness of our nature has a profound and overriding effect on all our conscious deliberations, and since it is also discovered that this unconscious part of our nature has a very strong sense of justice, right and wrong, sin and punishment, virtue and reward, one can see that this fundamental conditioning aspect of our awareness is thrown into a hopeless and distorted state by prevalent religious ideas. Until the idea of sin is replaced with the idea of shortcoming, we will be destroying effectively the very purpose of religious and spiritual effort, which is to become trustful of and acquainted with, first of all the Divine qualities of God and secondarily the Divine qualities of our own real nature.

For while we still get some sense of continuing identity in some form of time sequence, this time sequence is not linked to anything which we can identify. The result of this experience is that we are made more aware than usual of the fact that the innermost consciousness is concerned with qualities and attitudes which it has to learn to generate on its own without outside stimulus. When it has learned to do this, it has also learned to be truly creative and may be said to be God. Figure 4 is a diagram which represents the chain of the three main transformer complexes and thus the three main sources of identification which are available to the individual when he is in touch with a physical body.

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