600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster PDF

By Craig Lancaster

ISBN-10: 1612184103

ISBN-13: 9781612184104

Edward Stanton is a guy hurtling headlong towards heart age. His psychological affliction has led him to be sequestered in his small condo in a small urban, the place he retains his distance from the skin global and the oldsters from whom he's principally estranged. For the main half, Edward sticks to objects he can count number on...and issues he can count number. yet over the process 25 days (or six hundred hours, as Edward prefers to examine it) numerous occasions puncture the partitions Edward has equipped round himself. in spite of everything, he faces a call: Open his existence to adventure and take care of the thrill and heartaches that include it, or stay in the back of his closed door, a solitary soul

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